Pre-Packing Services / Packing materials

Self-packing is the clear choice for those who want to save a bit of cash, whilst custom packing is ideal for those who are time poor or less confident with wrapping and packing. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation quote, so feel free to ask when you give us a call on 0416 931 060

We sell boxes:

Standard cartons (T-Chest sized)

Book / Wine Cartons 

Top tips for self-packing:

  • Plan your packing strategically. Start with small items that don’t require much protection, such as cutlery and clothing, then move all the way through to larger items such as appliances.
  • When packing glassware or china cups, remember to place paper or bubble wrap inside as well, to absorb extra impact.
  • Wrap delicate items separately. Porcelain, glass and crystal can knock together, causing damage.
  • When packing small items into large boxes, write a list as you add things. Then tape the list to the box so you can unpack more efficiently at your destination.
  • If you’re putting some of your extra linens or clothing into storage, remember to vacuum-pack them, or pop some cedar balls in the box for protection.
  • When packing and transporting computer monitors, TVs and other screens, add extra protection at the front for the glass. Add ‘this side up’ stickers and other warning labels so the screen isn’t loaded against a wall or floor.
  • Pack a bag of things you’ll need for the first 24 hours after moving. Once you arrive and settle in, you may be too tired to unpack immediately.

How our packing professionals take care of special items

  • Porcelain, glass, terracotta, semi-precious materials and other delicate items are wrapped individually in paper, bubble-wrap, cloth and also specially built structured containers.
  • Dust and contaminant sensitive belongings, such as baby items, are given an extra layer of protection.
  • Items with sharp corners, such as computer system units and heavy furniture, gets individual corner cushioning added.
  • Gowns, suits and other special clothing is transported in garment bags.
  • Commercial equipment is dismantled wherever possible and transported in coordinated lots to ensure nothing goes missing in transit.

Why Choose Us?

Why do customers choose us first over any of our competitors in the country? Here’s a few reasons why we’re the preferred choice.

Safe & Sound

We carefully move your belongings to your new location, protecting your fragile goods along the way.

Best Storage

We can help you get rid of clutter and protect your prized belongings with our cost-effective storage.

Sit Back & Relax

Don’t stress over moving to your new location. We’ll handle everything so that you don’t have to worry!

Pro Staff

Our professionals at Ozman removals handle your belongings with care. We can move anything, big or small!

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